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Earthdate: 01.03.2022

Why hello there strangers!

Been a bit too long since I've posted anything on 3S. Actually going by the front page, I just took down to restart, nothing new posted since 2019 - now why is that?

Please let me explain, I have a very good reason

First of all, Sunstar's Seeker Sanctuary now resides in a different province. We moved from Ontario, to Nova Scotia in 2020. We bought the house at the end of 2019, just prior to the pandemic madness. I used the money I saved for collecting to put the down on the house - so I haven't exactly been on the ball with collecting - I bought its display space.

I also do homesteading, so even though I am at the edge of a town, with a small bit of property, I have had to install a large 1000+ square foot vegetable garden, large compost bins and I now own a flock of Seekers...err chickens. I've got 8 hens now, and 3 ducks and two cats. We are looking to get some turkeys come spring; avian influenza permitting.So my summers have been busy with the garden, and procuring foodstuffs.

Unfortunately my collection has been in boxes for two years. I have a room I can display them in, but its the most eye searing shade of green you've ever seen. I need to do something about the ceiling, and I need something to do with the floor, as well as paint.

The room will be twice as large as my old room was, but will be painted in colours similar to what it was before - much like how the site looks. I am still collecting when I can, but Nova Scotia is not exactly prime hunting grounds.

This winter though I decided to sit down and do some writing, I chose to do the next story in the Starscream Chronicle story arc: Coming of the Storm. Outside of writing an epilogue and maybe some shorts, this is will probably be the last story of the arc; unless I do an epilogue. It likely will not the last written as there are oodles of stories I want to write, in list. From early years, to other mid war scenarios; including the fall of Vos.

Before you go further please be aware of this warning: This story contains subjects of graphic violence, torture, suicide and emotional distress. This is meant for an 18+ audience and is not recommended for children.

Coming of the Storm:
Cybertron is finally at peace, and the Autobots and Decepticons are slowly adjusting to their new reality. Starscream, a member of the United Cybertronian Government, has abruptly vanished before an important meeting. Can his wingmates find him before it's too late?

Coming of the Storm
Coming of the Storm
Artwork: Sunstar

I hope to get some pictures of my latest acquisitions soon - at least in their boxes.

Stay safe and stay well!