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All hail lord Starscream and Over 30 years of Transformers.


Earthdate: 06.02.2018

Imaginarium Art Coronation Starscream will be coming home soon

All Hail Lord Starscream

~ Sunstar

Earthdate: 20.12.2017

Till All Are One Annual

The prophecy of the Chosen One has come to a close. Starscream did it! He managed to unite Cybertron and its lost colonies – but it was not as I had anticipated...

What is happening in the Sanctuary

I understand it has been quiet as of late, and that is mostly because, life has found a way to be in the way of some of my interests. Well that and I have been writing a large fic called Blood of Primus, We did a Move, its the Christmas holidays, Tfcon, hunting for Toys, and trying to find things to take Photos with.

You've might have heard of a large Coronation Starscream statue that is limited to 400 pieces, I have preordered this beast. I look forward to having it in my room with the other - at the moment - 254 other things. It shall be fun.

Finally, if I do not get to post anything before the end of the year, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or whatever you celebrate, I hope its a safe one, and a fun one. And Happy New Year.

All Hail Lord Starscream

~ Sunstar

Earthdate: 06/08/2017

So what has been going on lately...

45 days to move house without a truck. A lot of doing stuff and not much time to do the things I had wanted to do, such as take photos (still too disorganised for that) to write (getting there) and to update fics (Oh hey!).

About the Fics

If you turn your noses toward the fictions section, and down to Starscream Chronicles you may notice a new addition. An Inverted Insignia and an updated (read fully completed) Purple Light. Another fiction is in progress, you can follow it on my Deviantart – The Blood of Primus and will be posted on this as soon as I get Part One published there.

Brief overview of An Inverted Insignia This story takes place right immediately at the start of the Great Cybertronian War and at the Cybertron War Academy. This story is not like any other current canon, but it may reference any and all existing universes and ideas. Essentially this will be the first book in the series, however, considering how old I have pegged Starscream in this story, I can easily write even earlier ones. Do not expect him to act or to behave as G1 or even IDW G1 behaves at this point. Check the list in Starscream Chronicles page to get the best reading order. I suggest setting aside some time as well, most of these fics are not short.

Please read, if you feel like taking the task of helping edit, contact the email at the bottom of the page.

~ Sunstar

Earthdate: 23/06/2017

Sorry for the lack of posts, here is why:

I have been in the middle of a home move so my photo tent is pack and I am getting my collection packed for both Tfcon and the move, but I have something to discuss today.

I have two third party figures in my possession, One is the DX9 – War in Pocket Usurper and Iron Factory Tyrant's Wings Red (Starscream). I won't have proper photos until after my move - but I may get them at the convention - they will be at the convention.

I am going to focus on Iron Factory's because I am impressed. For such a small figure, I am impressed by the attention to detail. Beautiful metallic paint applications, beautiful face, and accessories! But what grabbed my attention was the unexpected addition – I term this bling and its bait to buy the rest, and I will gladly buy the rest. (TC, Warp and the Conies).

As I opened my package and pulled out the inset, I was experting a long insert I discovered the coronation cape (expected) and an unexpected torso and wings in clear plastic! Ghost of Starscream torso. I wasn't sure if this was missing parts or if this is chase, but it appears that Thundercracker and Skywarp have the arms and legs to complete this figure.

So to get 4 figures you buy three at $40 USD a piece and it works out to 30 dollars each. There is apparently parts to Sunstorm also in Skywarp and Thundercracker with The torso being in one of the Coneheads - an interesting way to get people to buy the product. I will bite. We are called Sunstar's Seeker Sanctuary and I occasionally will buy a set of Seekers if I like them.

Sunstar approves!

See you all at Tfcon, view my collection - what fellows I bring, and buy some of my extras.

~ Sunstar

Earthdate: 16/05/2017

About the site:

Sorry about that, work has been hectic and I have also been planning to move. Yes - the Seeker Sanctary's home is being moved from its current location in a high rise to a town house quite literally across the street. - However the ceilings are low and that means I cannot have the second level of my shelves on. But this does mean my collection will have its own room – maybe shared with Warhammer - space depending. My official move out date is July 31 – this means Tfcon is smack dab in the middle of the grand move.

As a result, and I am packing now because I have to go through 14 years of junk, my photo tent and sundry have been packed away. My boxed stuff will be sent over to the house as soon as my mother gets the keys. This means I won't have the rest of my movie figures photographed until after I move.

I will have toy extras for sale at the Tfcon - Starscream or otherwise.

Til All are One - Spoilerish

But what I wanted to mention is my thoughts on the Comic Series Till All Are One by IDW. I have to say so far, so fantastic! We see a well written Starscream slowly changing - but imperfectly. I have seen a number of fics - hopefully not mine - where Starscream is converted to good. I know a number of female fans (In particular) want to see that Arrogant Son of a Cessna all nice and nice like, but that destroys him. With this “ghost” of Bumblebee - which could be bee trapped in the singularity and some how able to communicate with Starscream - who is trying to get the old con to adapt to a more civil kinder way. Some how this Bee feels that Starscream is redeemable. Starscream doesn't believe it. Either he doesn't believe it or he doesn't want to. Starscream is stubborn like that. All in all what came out in TAAO #9 was simply amazing.

I think in general the whole idea of letting Starscream muddle through leadership is great. Its something that should have been explored before. The route that IDW has taken in general with the Transformers series, breaking away from the normal - and somewhat over done, relentless battles between Autobots and Decepticons and exploring how they can cope post war. How the issues with not being in combat affects individuals. What they did with Megatron although startling to say but to actually read the books and see the change - it works. Likewise it works to have Starscream lead.

It shows us how difficult it is for him to lead, his fatigue is almost tangible in the drawings. You can see he is tired out of his mind - there are times he is clearly fed up. However he loves his world – that could not be clearer. He absolutely loves his world and has gone as far as standing his ground in the face of lethal danger. He also took the care to get non essentials off world, those who are ill or injured and cannot fight in the battle. He seemed to spark to life in a time of combat because he knows this.

However he seems to be unable to shake the weight of resistance by other groups and this Elita one. I am intrigued to see how this all pans out - particularly since two of the three prophecies have come to light. Well done!

So, sorry for the delay in posting. I apologise deeply.

~ Sunstar

Earthdate: 04/04/2017

A number of my movie figures and merchandise went up yesterday. I posted it early in the afternoon then got sidetracked by life.

Strong possibility we'll be doing a move this summer. This means its more important than ever to get my slag together with this enormous collection. It may also mean my collection will get a dedicated “geek” room. Where my things like Starscream and Warhammer can go to and be displayed.

But what did I put up tonight? It will be found in the Movie Transformers page, so I will post just the one link. Movie restaurant promo toys went up for both Burger King and McDonalds. Movie Legends toys were added, including the Orbital Assault Carrier. RPM's, a random chess piece who looks like he's gonna punch you in the face if you call him a queen and a Croc shoe charm. There are a few others up as well. But those were the ones worth mentioning.

Not sure how much I will get done tomorrow as it will be busy for me.

Anyhow keep safe and enjoy.

Legends Class Movie Jets

~ Sunstar

Earthdate: 02/04/2017

Happy day after April Fools Day!

I had some stuff written up but honestly, I had to wait because I really had no jokes to do on site and I didn't want everyone thinking I am full of slag. So not it's the day after, I am fully happy to post my stuff.

What is new? Well if you look to the upper right hand side of the screen, you'll find Daily Energon at the end behind Communications, and About 3S got pushed back into Communications. I wonder if I should rename Communications as Contact us, but nah. Communications was how I did it before.

The Archive for Site news has been placed in there and I added a new section. That new Section is under Site Ramblings - this can change at some later date when I get more rambles in there. Currently there are two ramblings to be found: Organisation of a Collection & An Interpretation of an IDW prophecy. February's Archived site ramblings has been shunted over as well.

I haven't added any new toys yet. This week has been tiring a lot of late nights, a lot of no sleep, so I wrote most of what I wrote in a groggy state of mind.

Since I hate it so much, let me feature the object of my “story”.

Learn how Sunstar organises this Collection

So that sums up the work I did since my last post – I will touch on displaying in the near future and what UV can do to a figure. I might even post up my ramblings about how I see the autobots as the real evil faction in the series (G1 Cartoon based)

~ Sunstar

Earthdate: 29/03/2017

I Think I found a way to accept Battle Master Starscream into my heart.

Lets look at the possibilities of what he is. Maybe he is an avatar fighter, chosen to represent Starscream. Maybe he is the battle suit - look at the apex armour in Transformers Prime... or Maybe he is an autobot pretending to be Starscream taking the mickey out of his name. Okay, lets choose that one...

What if we say that this Autobot is actually Cliffjumper. I mean he looks like Cliffjumper in colour, and he is kinda car-like. More car than Jet, so yeah Cliffjumper.

So imagine, if you will, Cliffjumper has got himself suited up and chooses to fight a guy in the pits and he walks into the arena, waving his arms and saying “Grrr! I am Starscream, Emperor of Energon!” The crowd would probably laugh. I am pretty sure the opponent also had a heck of a laugh. SO the fight goes on and of course Cliffjumper wins - but little did he know, Starscream was in the arena and witnessed the mockery.

I could imagine that Starscream would be furious and plotting his revenge. Jump ahead to the 21st century and Starscream has just hauled in a Cliffjumper as a prisoner. They exchange some words and Starscream never forgetting the humiliation, kills him.

the TL:DR version: Its Cliffjumper pretending to be Starscream which is why Tfprime Starscream killed him.

Small novelisation aside, it is my least favourite figure - mostly because there was no effort to make it look like Starscream. Only that it seems that it was chosen as Starscream because they happened to have it on hand at the time.

The other figures I took pictures of today are: Unite Warriors Ghost Starscream. Sky Snake – By Shapeshift Inc. (Third Party)and..... Oh I think that is it. I have gathered together a number of the Movie Starscream figures. I may break it into a page of Transforming and Non Transforming (merchandise include. But the figures I have in my bin behind me are currently the Legends Class, restaurant Promo figures and some other pieces.

Updated pages: Unite Warriors & Misc Transformers - Check the Bottom & Sky Snake

Since I hate it so much, let me feature the object of my “story”.

Battle Masters
Cliffjumper pretending to be Starscream

I think its probably time to write an article – Coming Soon Recording and Displaying

~ Sunstar

Earthdate: 28/03/2017

The page's coding really irritated me tonight - It kept breaking up on me and I had to figure out which way was up. So here is what happened tonight:

I took photos of all but two remaining figures. One I actually loathe - that's the battle masters thing that looks nothing like a Starscream at-all-what-so-ever. Only in name. The other I actually simply forgot. Not a problem, I probably will get to it tomorrow. I did do alternity Starscream, you'll find him in the G1 Misc section, but there is no bot mode for him. He seems to be the most difficult figure to understand. I got as far as the arms and was confused as to what the directions was trying to tell me before I returned him to car-mode.

Actually what it comes down to is this remaining pile gave me some degree of difficulty in converting them. The Kabaya figures were more a case of pull apart and rebuild. Even D-22 gave me a bit of a problem that caused me to scratch my head because - its a Generation One Starscream - its not the toughest figure to transform around. Must have been a bad moon tonight or something.

As I had D-22 out, I felt like doing some comparison shots between it and Commemorative II Starscream figure, to show the affect modern North American toy safety measures have affected how things look overall. I understand having a launched missile over 3 inches, but surely there could have been something they could have done for the rocket to make it look a little less ridiculous. Still opening a figure that has been in package for 17 years was one of those moments I absolutely enjoy. Being the first person to handle and touch it made me grin ear to ear.

Updated pages: Generation One Mold & Misc Transformers.

One Example of todays uploads

Starscream and Waspinator - Takara

SO if I remember tomorrow – if I have time, Unite Warriors Grand Galvatron Ghost Starscream, Mr. Fugly and maybe I will start movie figures

~ Sunstar

Earthdate: 27/03/2017

Time to play with my legos - err Kre-os

I have several of these guys - but again this is not a complete set, there are a few I still lack, but for now I have gathered together the 9 I have to post up on the site finally.

As much as I like the Kre-o Jet, I will not be pulling it apart to put into robot mode. SO my intention will be to get a second one for that purpose. I also dubbed the holo pilot for the jet “Chris Eagle.” Which is the name of a character in a fanfic – Christopher Eagle” I am currently writing.

Updated Page is: Kre-o.

Photos of The Kre-o Jet and Kreons

Kre-o Starscream Jet

Figures left in the G1/Misc Section: Alternity, D-22 (Takara) and Grand Galvatron's Ghost – I think that is it.

Movie Screams should be next.


Earthdate: 24/03/2017

New Starscream arrived Yesterday

Legends Class
10th Anniversary Figure

As I suspected I got a duplicate of the RID ones, ergo, Tfcon fuel.

The new Figure sort of reads like Engrish. Its from Japan and reads MB-08 Starscream. “Movie the Best”. The figure is based on the Mech Alive Moving Gears toys from back in 2009. Its still a rather nice figure - for a movie toy. I cannot say I like the movie figures all that much. But they are part of our history now.

Also added up are my Legends Class Figures, A few non transforming figures and the Mimobot Starscream thumb drive and the Bot shots Collection.

Updated or added pages: Misc Figures, Legends Class, Bot Shots, Misc Transformers And Mech Alive.

Legends Class
Legends Class Figures

If you play Earth Wars, I have suddenly become Commander of Seibertron II team, feeder team for Seibertron. Looking for players who want to play but not be stressed out by having to do nothing but play. I use Line and can be found under 3s-sunstar

Hopefully I shall get some movie figures started soon.


Earthdate: 22/03/2017

Sorry, it has been a while.

So stuff has been going on behind the scenes.

I have taken some new photographs, I have not yet posted them. They are legends class and a few random extras – I should be doing the Kreo and the “Carscream” (alternity). That should encompass most if not all of the non movie figures.

Next I will be tackling the movie figures – then looking at the few Knock off ones I got.

Some of the behind the scenes stuff will also include my news archive page - its being a bit of a PITA though.

But what I have been doing is sorting out my parts into baggies (most of which are) then labeling them with the same system I have been marking the figures, instructions and photographs. I then place the parts into bins that match a code on the books that have the instructions.

I picked up the shoe box sized bins at the local supermarket. They fit my storage nicely.

On top of the stuff going behind the scenes, I have had a heavy work week coupled with some severe seasonal Migraines – those can be rough.

I should be getting a few items from BBTS in a few days. I think one is going to be a double - Tfcon fodder then. I'll post them when I get them.

For now, Check the new News link (not much going on but its there) and my New Wanted Page in the Starscream's Shrine.

Pleae click on the below image for a larger – more legible copy of my want list.

Looking For These Things
What I know I am Searching for.


Earthdate: 03/03/2017

Few more things went up.

For example this Transformer Gum toy by Toon Town and this Mystery Rocket

Unknown Vintage Rocket

The only information I have on this rocket is that it's from Hong Kong. There is no other information regarding where it was released, what year, and if it was Hasbro or Takara originally. Or if it is in fact a legitimate transformer toy at all. If you have any information On this toy, please contact Sunstar.